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Critical Cleaning for the Medical Device Industry

Medical Device Cleaning

 Before: Medical devices – such as prosthetic hip joints – must be critically pre-cleaned prior to coating and packaging.

After: Swab and extraction tests validate successful cleaning with Alconox-brand detergents.

Effectively clean medical equipment to critical regulated standards

Manufactured medical devices for human or veterinary health often must be cleaned to implantable standards during manufacturing. Alconox, Inc. medical instrument cleaners are expressly formulated to get these products critically clean without leaving interfering residues, whether the product is for biomechanical or electronic use.

Medical device cleaning by definition requires critical cleaning for use in demanding human health and veterinary applications.

Many Alconox products have been used for decades and are widely accepted throughout the medical device industry for medical device cleaning during and after medical device validation. Some of the more commonly used Alconox cleaners are listed below:

Alconox: Precision cleaner is a powder detergent used for manual and ultrasonic medical device cleaning and medical device validation.

Citrajet: Low foaming mild acid cleaner for metal oxides/ particulates is safe to use on aluminum parts and may be used in machine washers for medical instrument cleaning and validation.

Citranox: Manual or ultrasonic mild acid cleaner for metal oxides and particulates is also aluminum safe. It is used during medical device cleaning and medical device validation.

Liquinox: For manual and ultrasonic process oil removal during medical instrument cleaning and validation.

Solujet: Low foaming high pH (alkaline) detergent used in machine washers and ultrasonic tanks for medical device cleaning and validation.

Recommended Cleaners

Inorganic residues, salts metallics, pigments Machine Washer, Pressure Washer Citrajet
Inorganic residues, salts metallics, pigments Manual, Ultrasonic, Soak, C-I-P* Citranox
Product contact surfaces Machine Washer, Pressure Washer
Product contact surfaces Manual, Ultrasonic, Soak, C-I-P* Alconox, Liquinox
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Solujetview details
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Alconox Detergent
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