Nuclear Cleaning

Alconox Inc. radiation decontamination solutions clean and decontaminate reactor cavities and equipment without requiring lift time or strippable coatings and without difficult waste treatment or disposal.

Easy-to-use Alconox Inc. radiation decontamination cleaners are available in low-foaming, chelate-free formulations that make decontamination and nuclear cleaning a snap.

  • Alconox® Powdered Precision Cleaner: Manual cleaning, low-chelate heavy duty nuclear cleaner.
  • Detergent 8® Low foaming Ion free Liquid Detergent: Low-foaming, chelate-free cleaner.

For detergent selection guidance please review our Detergent Selection Guide.

Before & After

Before: High counts indicate that decontamination is required.

After: Reactor cavity parts pass count detection levels.


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