Alconox Inc. optical cleaning detergents ensure the accuracy of data acquired through microscopic, telescopic spectrographic, interferometric and other optic devices.

Laboratory-grade Alconox Inc. optical cleaners stand for interference-free surfaces at optical levels.

  • Alconox®: For ultrasonic surface preparation prior to coating.
  • Citrajet®: Low-foaming enhanced acid for safer optical cleaning of trace metal residues.
  • Citranox®: Enhanced acid for safer optical cleaning of trace metal residues.
  • Liquinox®: Convenient liquid for ultrasonic optical cleaning.
  • Alcojet®: Powdered low-foaming detergent for washers.
  • Detojet®: Low-foaming liquid detergent, surfactant-free for sensitive plastic applications.
  • Luminox®: Neutral pH, low-foaming detergent, for delicate substrates.
  • Tergajet®: Phosphate-free, powdered low-foaming detergent for washers.
  • Solujet®: Low-foaming phosphate-free optics substrate cleaner for clean-in-place applications, spray-in-air cabinets.

For detergent selection guidance please review our Detergent Selection Guide.

Before & After

Before: Reflectance of calibrating screen in the ultraviolet to the near-infrared region before optical cleaning with Liquinox®.

After: After cleaning with Liquinox®, the material shows no adverse change in the hemispherical reflectance or changes in wavelength.


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