Alconox cleaning products pass the test in effectively solving critical restaurant cleaning challenges across the vast food service industry, from quick service restaurants to wine tasting rooms. Time and again when restaurant owners, franchise managers, chefs, and culinary school managers are stuck with a stubborn restaurant cleaning issue, they turn to Alconox Inc. for the answer. From transforming wine glasses to their original sparkling, scent and residue-free brilliance, to de-waxing and degreasing frying equipment to removing water scale on pasta cooker and steam trays, Alconox products assist restaurant cleaning service providers in reducing restaurant cleaning time; saving labor costs, and maximizing food and service quality.

With the right recipe, Alconox Inc. stretches restaurant cleaning budgets by offering concentrated formulas and reduced scrubbing time. With almost 75 years track record of excellence, Alconox Inc prides itself on being there for our customers, providing on the spot technical support and challenge-specific instructions.

Alconox PFS® Powered for Foodservice cleaner: Excellent grease cleaner. For manual and soak.
  • Cooking equipment: pots, pans, baking pans, fryers, cooking utensils, cutting boards, countertops
  • Tableware: dishware, silverware, glassware
  • Small ware
  • Facilities: floors, windows, sidewalks
Alcojet® powdered food service cleaner: Perfect for stubborn grease residues. For dishwashing machines and manual cleaning.
  • Facilities: Whitens grout on tiled floors, removes heavy grease stains on sidewalks, parking lots and drive thru areas
Citranox® liquid restaurant cleaning detergent: Removes water scale and starch from pasta or rice buildup. For manual and soak.
  • Rethermolators, steam tables, pasta cook pots, and rice cook pots
Liquinox® liquid food service cleaner: Exceptional for wine glasses! For manual and soak.
  • Tableware: Dishware, Glassware, Silverware
  • Small ware
  • Cooking equipment: counter tops
Tergazyme® food grade detergent: Contains protein enzymes for blood and protein soil removal. For manual and soak.
  • Cooking equipment exposed to raw meat: cutting boards, cooking utensils
  • Small ware exposed to protein soils

For detergent selection guidance please review our Detergent Selection Guide.

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