From spinner flasks to production fermentation tanks, Alconox Inc. detergents can eliminate cross-contamination and assure reliably clean equipment for all of your biotech cleaning needs. Even difficult accumulated biomaterial residues on fermentation vessel agitation shafts, thermowells, harvest tubes, sparger tubes and the bevel tips of addition ports easily come clean with Alconox Inc.  detergents.

When you scale-up to production, Alconox Inc., can provide biotech validation support, quality control and regulatory compliance documentation for all of your biotech cleaning needs.

  • Alconox®: Powdered immersion biotech cleaner for tenacious oils and organic residues.
  • Liquinox®: Phosphate-free liquid cleaner for immersion and manual cleaning of organic and oily residues.
  • Tergazyme®: Protein enzyme enhanced powdered immersion cleaner for proteinaceous, biologic films and residues.
  • Alcojet®: Powdered low-foaming detergent for washers.
  • Tergajet®: Phosphate-free, powdered low-foaming detergent for washers.
  • Citrajet®: Low-foaming enhanced acid cleaner for insoluble salts and oxides.
  • Citranox®: Enhanced acid biotech cleaner for inorganics, insoluble salts and oxides.
  • Solujet®: Low-foaming phosphate-free biotech cleaner for clean-in-place applications.
  • Detojet®: Low-foaming liquid detergent, surfactant-free for sensitive plastic applications.

For detergent selection guidance please review our Detergent Selection Guide.

Before & After

Before: Fouled pH probes in a bioreactor result in reading failures, cross-contamination, and loss of batch control.

After: Tergazyme® enzymatic cleaner restores probe performance for accurate, uncontaminated, controlled performance.


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