Ultrasonic cleaning is the process of using ultrasound created by transducers that pulse sound waves through the solution.  This creates energetic cavitation from little pockets of vacuum forming and collapsing.  This allows for efficient mechanical energy to clean surfaces when used with appropriate ultrasonic solutions that can work in concert with the ultrasonic cleaning.  Alconox Inc. ultrasonic detergents are designed to be effective at enhancing ultrasonic cleaning and they do not interfere with ultrasonic cavitation.

Alconox Inc. ultrasonic detergent chemistry is commonly used for cleaning laboratory ware, glassware, medical devices, small to medium metal parts, rods, wires, ceramics, plastics and other hard surface parts in batch cleaning process operations.

Alconox Inc. ultrasonic cleaner detergents and industrial ultrasonic solutions have been used and specified for decades and are widely accepted throughout the medical device industry for medical device cleaning during and after medical device validation; in aerospace parts washing; and in laboratory equipment and industrial cleaning. Some of the more commonly used Alconox Inc. ultrasonic cleaner detergents and industrial ultrasonic solutions are listed below:

  • Alconox®: Precision cleaner is a powder detergent used for ultrasonic medical device and plastic/metal parts cleaning and medical device validation.
  • Liquinox®: For ultrasonic process oil removal during medical instrument cleaning and validation.
  • Tergazyme®: For enzymatic ultrasonic cleaning to remove blood, tissue and body fluids from medical devices for reprocessing and cleaning reusable medical devices.
  • Citranox®: For ultrasonic mild acid cleaner for metal oxides and particulates is also aluminum safe. It is used during medical device cleaning and medical device validation.
  • Detonox®: Alkaline detergent for difficult oils and residues to be removed in ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Detojet®: Low-foaming liquid detergent, surfactant-free for sensitive plastic applications, oxidizing cleaner, spray-in-air applications.

For detergent selection guidance please review our Detergent Selection Guide.

Before & After

Before: Medical devices – such as prosthetic hip joints – must be critically pre-cleaned prior to coating and packaging.

After: Swab and extraction tests validate successful cleaning with Alconox Inc detergents.


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