Critical Cleaning Detergents & Validation | About | Alconox, Inc.

Mission Statement
We meet the global critical cleaning needs of scientists and engineers by supplying American Made, high quality detergents with expert technical support.

Company History
The ALCONOX brand was introduced in 1941 for use in hospitals and laboratories as a hard surface cleaner that cleaned without leaving interfering residues. This innovative and desirable technology led to the rapid acceptance of ALCONOX, and to the formation of Alconox, Inc. in 1946. The year 2016 marked our 70th year in business.

Corporate Overview
Alconox, Inc. manufactures a full line of critical cleaning detergents for a wide range of hard surface cleaning applications. Our detergents are sold through a network of leading distributors in the laboratory, health care, and industrial fields in the United States and over 40 countries worldwide.

Customer Service
Service to the industry, precision formulation, quality control, and excellent technical services are the benchmarks of Alconox, Inc. Our customer support team can recommend solutions to specific precision cleaning problems. Performance tests are designed to meet strict government and trade accreditation standards.

The Alconox Guide to Critical Cleaning describes cleaning and detergent recommendations and detergent selection criteria. It is available at no charge upon request. The customer will also find an opportunity to receive free samples of Alconox, Inc. products.

Quality Assurance
Alconox, Inc. recognizes that we supply companies that require exacting levels of quality control and technical service. Each product is tested by lot number and Certificates of Analysis are available for those end-users who have quality control or regulatory-compliance needs. Alconox, Inc. products are concentrated to be economical in use and contain only active ingredients.

Additional Services
In addition to supplying the industry with our branded detergents, Alconox, Inc. can provide custom blended and private label detergents. Our technical support group will develop cleaning methods in our application laboratory and is available for on-site conferences with qualified buyers.