COP Cleaning: Difficult Residues and Cleaning Challenges – a PQCWebinar with Alconox

Many difficult and adherent residues require mechanical action and/or high emulsifying detergents. These are largely not feasible in automated washers, high-pressure, spray-in-air units and similar clean-in-place (CIP) systems. At these times, cleaning out of place (COP) is necessary. This may be manual cleaning like scrubbing or soaking, or use of an ultrasonic cleaner. Join us for a webinar by Michael Moussourakis of Alconox Inc. who will highlight when COP cleaning is needed, cleaning qualifications and verification, and review of case studies. The Product Quality Cleaning Workshops and Webinars train industrial professionals who work in the product finishing and precision cleaning areas of parts manufacturing, especially high value products like medical devices, pharmaceuticals, liquid oxygen systems, electronics assemblies, optics, aerospace elements, and others.


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