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  • Alconox, Inc. at BIOMEDevice Boston April 26, 2017
    Visit Alconox, Inc. at the BIOMEDevice Boston, May 3-4, 2017. Stop by Booth #914 to receive our unique gifts, expert technical support for your critical cleaning applications, and detergent samples. We want to extend comped expo admission to BIOMEDevice Boston. Simply enter promo code FREE when you register online for your pass and you’re in. […]
  • No Liquinox Algae Bloom April 24, 2017
    Q: Will Liquinox cause algae bloom? A: No. Liquinox will not cause algae bloom. Here’s why. There are several important factors concerning discharge of spent cleaning solutions into the environment: biodegradability, aquatic toxicity and eutrophication acceleration. Algae blooms relate specifically to eutrophication. The primary source of eutrophication is... The post No Liquinox Algae Bloom appeared […]
  • Alconox, Inc. at PMTS 2017 April 19, 2017
    Visit Alconox, Inc. at PMTS 2017, April 25-27 in Columbus, OH. We'll be on hand at booth #1153 offering unique gifts, expert technical support for your critical cleaning applications, and detergent samples. The post Alconox, Inc. at PMTS 2017 appeared first on TechNotes.
  • Clouding Out in Passivation April 13, 2017
    Q. We are performing Citrajet® passivation using the procedure found in your cell phone app. When finished, there are circles of "oil" floating on the Citrajet® solution, even though our parts had no oil on them. Is this normal? A: What you are seeing is not oil, but low-foaming surfactant coming out of solution..... The […]
  • How much CIP detergent needed? April 12, 2017
    Q: We are starting a new bioprocessing facility where we will be cleaning stainless steel tanks via a Clean-In-Place sprayball system? How do I approximate how much detergent I will need? We are considering Alcojet or Solujet, follow by an acidic rinse with Citrajet. Is this a good plan? Any advice? A: A good rule […]
  • No Interference in Flavors and Fragrance April 6, 2017
    Q. Why are critical cleaners essential in flavor and fragrance industries? A. Many major flavor and fragrance companies use Alconox or Liquinox detergent to soak, scrub or sonicate their manufacturing equipment. The reason they use these detergents is that they are free of all flavors, fragrances, dyes, cationic biocides or disinfectants, and emollients that might […]
  • CPAP Mask Manual Cleaning April 4, 2017
    Q. What do you recommend for cleaning of CPAP masks manually? A. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) masks have become a very widely used at home medical device.  Many companies specialize in cleaning and reprocessing these masks. We would recommend Tergazyme® Enzyme-Active Powdered Detergent. It is an anionic, widely available and potent emulsifier of organic […]
  • Choosing Temperature for Ultrasonic Parts Cleaning March 22, 2017
    Q. How to determine appropriate temperature to clean parts with ultrasonic cleaner? A. In general, every 10 deg C you go up in temperature doubles the cleaning speed. The faster you want to clean the hotter you should get. There is a theoretical optimal ultrasonic cavitation temperature at around 70 deg C depending on the […]
  • Cleaning Zinc Plated Metal Parts March 19, 2017
    Q. We would like to verify compatibility of zinc plated metal parts with Alconox. A. Zinc plated metal parts can be cleaned with Alconox detergent. Depending on the metal and whether there is any defect in the zinc plate coating, you can get galvanic reactions between the zinc and the underlying metal because... The post […]
  • Re-cleaning Medical Device Vendor Parts March 10, 2017
    Q. Current procedure calls for an ultrasonic bath at 69C for 20 mins with Liquinox® and DI water. Then calls for another such DI bath at 69C with NO detergent for 20 mins. Then a 1 min DI water flushing. Is Liquinox appropriate? When I clean the parts, they have already been cleaned by vendor […]