Alconox Handbook and Sample Offer

To receive the free handbook, you will need to:

  • Request a free cleaner sample and check off the “Send Book” box on the form.
  • Try out the cleaner sample.
  • Return the test report card(included with the sample) detailing your results from testing or trying out the cleaner.

When the report card is returned, Alconox, Inc. will waive the $39.95 charge for the book.

More information about the book

The Aqueous Cleaning Handbook

Since their first use in healthcare and laboratory settings, aqueous critical cleaners—cleaners which leave no interfering residues—have found increasing application in a wide range of industries as an environmentally benign alternative to ozone-depleting compounds and hazardous solvents.

This book distills and presents practical information covering the history of such cleaners—what they are, how they work, and how to make best use of them in cleaning products and components in electronics, metalworking, precision manufacturing; pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and chemical processing; and many other industrial applications.

It is written by a medical doctor, Alan Zisman, and a director of aqueous-cleaner marketing, Malcolm McLaughlin, who also has academic training and professional experience in chemistry. The two teamed up while working at Alconox, a New York-based firm which has been a leading supplier of aqueous cleaners for laboratory, healthcare, and industrial applications for over 60 years.

Click Here to purchase our book online for $39.95 or call and order toll free at 877-877-2526.

Click Here to download a free PDF (809kb) of the Aqueous Cleaning Handbook.

Guide to Critical Cleaning

To assist you in selecting the right detergent for your cleaning need, request your copy of the Alconox Guide to Critical Cleaning. You will find insight into critical cleaning principles, industry-specific cleaning issues, and useful how to’s of cleaning.

Alconox Aqueous Cleaning White Papers

To find detailed information to meet your industries standards and cleaning validation requirements, see Alconox’s library of Aqueous Cleaning White Papers and download free PDFs. Choose from any of our eight white papers on a range of critical cleaning topics including pharmaceutical cleaning validation, medical device cleaning, electronic component cleaning, nanotechnology, metal cleaning, and solar cleaning.


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