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In 1946 Louis Zisman and William Lebowitz combined their respective talents by forming Alconox Inc. to manufacture and distribute Alconox® detergent.  Mr. Zisman had discovered that a wetting agent he developed excelled at cleaning glassware without leaving a residue.  Mr. Lebowitz owned Standard Scientific Supply Corporation which was a distributor of products focused on the laboratory market.

Since that time, Alconox Inc. has been the recognized leader in laboratory detergents, used extensively in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, healthcare, electronics, and the cosmetics industries as well as solar, food, nuclear and optics industries.   Our products can now be found in over 50 countries world-wide.

Alconox Inc. has remained in the control of the founding families for over 75 years, and the third generation of those founders operate the business today.

Earle Hall Laboratory at Clemson University using Alconox® - Clemson University Libraries


Our Corporate Responsibility

Our Mission Statement is straightforward:

We meet the global critical cleaning needs of scientists and engineers by supplying American made, high quality detergents with expert technical support.

We understand that, as suppliers of chemical products, we have a responsibility to protect the environment, and we take this obligation seriously.  We rigorously follow all industry safety rules and regulations, and carefully consider the environmental impact of the products we formulate and sell.

To accomplish this mission:

We listen and learn from our customers, vendors and employees alike.
We realize the importance of the expectations of our customers and strive to fulfill those expectations.
We conduct our business ethically and with a willingness to change and adapt.

We see our employees as individuals and we respect their differences and points of view.
We fully support diversity and inclusion for all and value inclusion and diversity among our employees.
We pay our employees fairly and provide them with healthy and safe working conditions.
We provide our employees with opportunities to expand their horizons and grow in their careers

We strive to find and work with vendors who treat their employees properly and meet all their obligations.

We, in turn, will treat our vendors ethically and pay their invoices in a timely fashion

We view all our stakeholders as an integral part of our family and endeavor to foster long-term relationships.

We are a multigenerational company with each group contributing to the continued growth and success of our 75 year old company

We are proud of our heritage and look forward to the future, knowing that the bridges we build today will enable us to continue to grow with our existing customers, vendors and employees and with relationships yet to be forged.

Sincerely yours,

The Board of Directors
Alconox Inc.


Additional Services
In addition to supplying the industry with our branded detergents, Alconox Inc. can provide custom blended and private label detergents. Our technical support group will develop cleaning methods in our application laboratory and is available for on-site conferences with qualified buyers.

Alconox Inc. is proud to be ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016 Certified. Please click the links below to download our certifications:

ISO9001:2015 Certificate
ISO13485:2016 Certificate


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